The Best 808 Vst Plugins 2017 (For Kontakt)

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The Best 808 Vst Plugins 2017

Tired of spending so much time searching  for the “The Best 808 Vst Plugins”? Don’t worry.

We have researched and found some of the best 808 vst plugins available on the market. Simply add library into your Kontakt vst plugin and you are ready to go. Before you start reading bear in mind that this is our opinion, and these plugins are not free. 

Only one of these five plugins is not for kontakt library. 

Let us Begin.

TRU-URBAN – Speaker Buster 808 and Analog Synth Bass (Kontakt)

True-Urban Speaker Buster has over hundred 808 and over 35 analog synth basses patches. You have full control of sound design with knobs like overdrive, saturation, glide, portamento, legato, compressor, limiter, filters, transient master, AHDSR and more.

It’s really easy to use and you have all what you need to have inside this plugin to make your 808 and synth basses to sound amazing.

Only down side of this plugin it’s is price. 

Price: 67.00$

Buy it here: 

 Moneystackz Entertainment – 808 Massacre (VST)

808 Massacre comes with 75 custom 808 presets and has many knobs (ADSR, glide, gain, reverb, pan). Allowing you to fully shape and control your 808 sound design. This plugin is more affordable then the first one, which makes it more interesting.

Price: 29.95$

Buy it here:

Juggernaut 808’s (Kontakt)

Juggernaut 808’s Kontakt bank is brought to you by award-winning producer Sentury Status of Anno Domini Nation & Bang Bang Productions.

These sounds are locked and ready to use with no need of using equalizers or compression.

This library contains 4 different sub folders. A clean folder containing clean versions of the 808s, a Sp1200 folder containing processed 808 using the Sp1200 sound engine, a folder containing 10 custom TR 808 presets recorded through a neve console and a special FX folder containing fx 808s. The interface is really simple looking and this plugin is easy to use. The price is also pretty afordable.

Price: 29.99$

Buy it here: 

Xclusive Audio New Era 808 & Bass Library (Kontakt)

The ‘New Era 808 & Bass Kontakt Library’ is primarily aimed at Trap, Hip-Hop and EDM producers or anyone looking for professionally designed sounds for their productions. These sounds are so versatile they can be used in a variety of genres. If you’re the type of producer who needs punchy drums and creates heavy, bass intensive music, and who requires the highest quality sounds, then this library is for you. Also included in wav format is an amazing drum and vocal kit containing over 600 unique one-shot samples. Fat punchy Kicks, crispy snares that will cut through your mix and so much more.

Price: 47.00$

Buy it here:

StudioLinkedVST 808 Super Sub (Kontakt)

808 Super Sub is a virtual Sub Bass library for the Kontakt 5 engine.  Covers all the tuned 808s you need to create your next hit. Amazing tuned 808s that can easily fit perfectly in any mix.

As far as sound design you can manipulate you 808 with ADRS, filters, legato, bend and more. This one is the most expensive on our list but it’s still a good 808 vst plugin.

Some might say that the interface is not that good looking like the other ones, but i don’t think that’s a big problem.

Price: 129.99$

Buy it here:


So which 808 Vst Plugin should you use ? Well, you should try them yourself and decide which one suits you best. Almost every trap beat today have some sort of 808 sound. 808 is the main core of trap music and if your 808 is not sounding the way you want it, you should probably think about trying something new. However, you can always learn some mixing tips and tricks and get pretty similiar results if money is not an option for you. What are your thoughts on this? Did we miss something here? Let us now.


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