5 Best Plugins For Making Trap Beats “Honest Opinion”

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5 Best Plugins For Making Trap Beats

We picked our top 5 best plugins for making trap beats! Click here to find out which ones we picked.

Nexus 2

Nexus 2 is definitely one of the best plugins when it comes down to making a trap beat. Easy to learn, user-friendly interface, combined with a bunch of implemented controllers and effects to customize your sound. Easy to navigate, everything is a couple mouse clicks away. It’s not unusual to hear sounds from Nexus 2 VST in almost every trap beat on Youtube. Seriously, I think Nexus is probably the most versatile and easy to use plugin when it comes to making a trap beat due to its big sound library ( you can even make it bigger if you want ), and lots of integrated effects and knobs such as delay, reverb, filter modifier and more. I can’t remember when was the last time I made a beat without using Nexus. Whether you are a beginner or already making great trap beats Nexus is something you simply must have. Only thing stopping you from this great sounding synthesizer VST is price which is around 249,99 euros for the starter package. For some people that might seem like a high price, but if you are serious with your music, it shouldn’t be a problem. Above all Nexus 2 is one of the best plugins for making trap beats.

Pros: Good quality, easy to use, user-friendly interface

Cons: Price, It’s a rompler.

More about prices and deals for Nexus 2 can be found on their official website:


Omnisphere is probably the most known Power Synthesizer VST due to its even larger sound library ( 40+ GB ) and you can extend it even more if you want. It has all the tools necessary for making a trap beat. You can use Omnisphere for whatever you want, the plugin is remarkably versatile, and the sounds are insane! I simply cannot brag this plugin enough. Omnisphere has user-friendly interface where you can easily categorize the sounds and pick the one you need. In fact Omnisphere also has clever way of rating sounds within the sound bank with a star ( rating 1-5 stars ), which comes pretty handy when you are looking for a certain sound in such vast library. It contains all the sounds you could ever possibly need when making a trap beat, or any beat for that matter such as: guitars, choirs, human voices, synthesizers, pianos, moogs and far more. From my experience Omnisphere is amazing plugin dedicated for making your life simple. Pick a sound, modulate it if you want and make great melodies. Pretty straight forward plugin, amazing sound and a huge  ( enormously HUGE! ) sound library. This plugin has it all, but that comes with a price of a 499 dollars US. Despite the price this is one of the best plugins for making trap beats.

Pros: Amazing sound and quality, easy to manipulate, full power synthesizer

Cons: Price, CPU usage of the plugin, some sounds in the library cointain more than 2 gb per sound ( which can be annoying when loading )

More information about Omnisphere on official website:

Gross Beat

Gross Beat Is a time and volume manipulation effect designed for repetition, scratching and gating effects, which means Gross Beat = Trap Beat. This plugin has become highly popular in trap genre because you can come up with something you would never expect to come up with. In other words, just play any melody and put Gross Beat on it with time manipulation effect and you have every trap melody ever… Jokes aside, this plugin is a must have in your artillery if you are making a trap beat. For example if used correctly Gross Beat can make your melodies even more interesting  and add some unique sounding to it. However, at first it can be little confusing to use. That was a case for me but there are a lot of tutorials on Youtube and in a couple of minutes of watching you can make your melodies more intriguing. Price for this plugin is 99 dollars US. Is this the best plugin for making trap beats? Well it is on our list, probably not the best, but definently one of most used in trap genre.

Pros: Great presets, very useful for trap music.

Cons: Only Windows compatible, price.

Click here to find more information about Gross Beat:

Sylenth 1

Next on our list on “best plugins for making trap beats” is Sylenth 1. Sylenth 1 is a virtual analog VSTi synthesizer which can be quite useful when you are making a trap beat. The plugin was built from a producer’s point of view, according to developers. Well that’s nice right? Let me explain this statement the simplest way I can. Let’s say you want to make your own 808 sound in Sylenth 1. You start from the “default” preset, and let’s say you have certain sound on your mind on what you are after. Starting from the oscillators, sylenth 1 has 4 unison oscillators, each oscillator is capable of producing 8 unison voices in full stereo, which adds up to a total of 32 voices per note. With its 16 notes of polyphony means you can play up to 512 voices simultaneously. Which means you can make all the crazy ass 808’s you can possibly imagine, from the lowest notes to higher ones without losing sharpness or character.  You can do amazing stuff with this plugin, it has great implemented effects to like arpeggiator, distortion, phase reeverb, compressor and more. I love to use distortion a lot when I’m making an 808 in Sylenth 1. The price for this plugin is €139.  There are similar plugins like Massive and Serum, and don’t get me wrong those are great plugins. I personally own Massive and it is great. You won’t make a mistake if you purchase any of these three plugins. It depends really on your preferences. If you are a beginner I would suggest Sylenth 1.

More information about Sylenth 1 can be found on their official webpage.

Camel Crusher

If you like to use Sylenth 1 and Massive for making your 808’s, you definitely want to make your 808’s sound more interesting. Sure some of these plugins already have built in distortion and effects, but it’s always good to have more choices and freedom.  Great tool for that job is Camel Crusher. Camel Crusher is a multi-effect plugin. It offers two different distortion sounds which can be blended together to create a wide variety of tones and textures. You can use the plugin the way you want, interface is user friendly and everything is under 2-3 mouse clicks. There is also a warm, smooth analogue style low pass filter, and easy to use compressor with “Phat mode”. Also, did I mentioned that this plugin is free! You can use it either on Windows or Mac. Camel Crusher can be applied to 808’s, drums, guitars, vocals, and synths. Simple and easy to use plugin to get the sound you want, which makes this plugin one of the best plugins for making trap beats.

Pros: Both Windows and Mac compatibility, free plugin, CPU friendly, high quality presets.

Cons:  It’s discontinued but you can still use it.

More about Camel Crusher here :

To conclude this is our list for “5 Best Plugins For Making Trap Beats” 2018. What do you think about it? Did we miss something? Type in comment if you think we missed some plugins that you think are a must have for making a trap beat.

Have a great and productive day!

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