Best 808 Bass Vst Samples

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Best 808 Bass Vst Samples

Looking for that sweet 808 bass sound you keep hearing on your favorite artists tracks ? Or, maybe you’re looking for some good 808 Bass VST’s that have really deep and round 808’s and sub bases?.

Don’t worry we got you covered!

In this post I will mention a couple of plugins that I personally use everyday, and a couple of plugins which I have stumbled upon during my music making years. Some of them you may have heard about, while other ones you may have not. So don’t worry this post is all about getting the most information about using 808’s samples and VST’s, and Best 808 Bass Vst Samples available.

Best Free 808 VST

What better way to start this post is other then the mentioning a free 808 VST. But of course, there is no such thing as the best 808 VST. You simply have to find what suits your needs the best. Or to put more delicate, what is the most comfortable 808 VST you will need.

Our Best Free 808 VST is:

808 Bass Module 2

free 808 vst

It contains 10 ready-to-use and freshly designed layered presets, to bring grit and rumble to your productions.

  • 10 Presets for Electronic music.
  • LFO rate and depth controls.
  • LFO waveform, LFO source and LFO destination.
  • Glide Knob.
  • Attack & Release.
  • Amplitude Knob.

Here is the Official Demo video where you can see and hear how this plugins works.

Best 808 Kontakt Library

Since i wrote about 808 Kontakt Library before in my other post i would highly recommend that you read the full post here. You can find all the informations you need including prices, list of top five 808 libraries, specifications and more. My personal favourite 808 kontakt library is Tru-Urban – Speaker Buster, because I like the presets, and it’s easy to manipulate within the plugin. Also you have full control of sound design with knobs like overdrive, saturation, glide, portamento, legato, compressor, limiter, filters, transient master, AHDSR and more. Of course it comes with a price.

More information about the Tru- Urban Speaker Buster can be found here.

Best 808 Samples

Most people don’t really like VST’s and all these knobs and tweaking and sometimes having a lot of plugins can slow your workflow. And I get that. I really do. That’s probably the reason why most people simply use 808 samples, or simply 808 sine wave with a little bit of processing. And that can do wonders. I often use this technique myself. I have my personal 808 sample pack folder which i have created over the years of producing and making music and let me tell you… Using 808 Samples is probably the simplest way to go. You select your 808 sample, drag and drop it and you are good to go. Not only you don’t have CPU issues, but it’s probably the fastest way to go.

Click here if you are looking for big and quality 808 Sound Pack. If you are looking for some free 808 bass or drums to try out you can visit here.

Whether you choose 808 bass vst, or sound pack choice is up to you. I personally use both options ( depends really on occasion ). Of course, you will be using whatever suits you best.

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